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Kristine's Journal

The odd tales of me

22 July
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Im Kristine, Im a little crazy and a huge dork. I love Drama and I dont know what to say about myself except Im me :D
35mm, acting, adobe photoshop, ancient egypt, animals, art, artists, astrology, astronomy, beauty, being in love, being myself, being yourself, betta fish, black and white, black and white photography, black&white films, boys, cameras, charlie chaplin, close friends, contemporary art, corsets, costumes, creative photography, creativity, dancing in the rain, digital, digital art, digital cameras, digital photography, doodling, drama, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dresden dolls, dressing up, edward scissorhands, egypt, europe, eyes, fairies, family guy, fashion photography, fishnets, free thinkers, galleries, gay people, ghost world, go to concerts, good kissers, graphic design, guitars, harry potter, harry potter books, hero, hoobastank, horror movies, hot gimmick, hot topic, i love lucy, ice cream, incubus, instant photography, james dean, jared leto, johnny depp, july, kieran culkin, kissing, late nights, lord of the rings, love, lucille ball, makeup, making faces, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, moonlight, movies, music, my camera, my chemical romance, my little pony, nature, night, no doubt, norway, oceans, open minds, originality, painting, photo shoots, photographers, photography, photos, photoshop, playing video games, plays, poe, poetry, polaroid photography, polka dots, pop art, portraits, pretty eyes, pulp fiction, queen, rain, random photography, reading, richmond, rock, rocky horror picture show, ron weasley, rupert grint, salvador dali, sarcasm, scarves, scribbling, self expression, sidewalk shopping, sleeping, sleeping in, smiling, snow, sour apple altoids, stars, suspenders, swimming, the beach, the darkness, the moon, the nightmare before christmas, the smell of rain, the walkmen, theatre, thunderstorms, tim burton, tomb raider, traveling, underwear, vibrant colors, virginia, watercolors, wild cherry pepsi, writing, x-acto knives